The Bholu Schools

Bholu, hand in hand with project partners with The Anganwadi Project and  have managed to build 12 Bholu schools and now have more then 450 children in school, receiving education, hygiene, nutrition and love. Have a look through the schools, the building process and meet the some of the students. More about the schools.

You can check out the current season of the completed Bholu 11  and  Bholu 12 which is in progress and also follow the adventure on Facebook!

Bholu 10

Completed March 2011

Bholu 10 has been designed and ground has just been broken!  Scheduled to be completed by March 2011. More updates soon. More…

Bholu 9

Completed June 2010

Bholu 9 is the largest school we have taken on yet. It is a multipurpose building which will serve as a school in the mornings and a community centre and health care facility for women in the afternoon. Designs have been approved, building yet to start. This one is very exciting. Due for completion by March 2010. Stay tuned. More…

Bholu 8

Completed March 2010

Bholu 8 is a great example of our architects implementing simple green architectural techniques for air flow, water collection and recycling and temperature consistency. It is a very beautiful and simple design with lots of colour and an imaginative playground. More…

Bholu 7

Completed April 2009

Bholu 7 School was designed by 3 architects Adele Winterage, Fahmi Ahmed and Renae Tapley. This is quite a large space with lots of details outside focusing on water, garden and environment. More…

Bholu 6

Completed March 2009

Bholu 6 School is a really great design. Designed by Sydney architect Simon Hern, there are many simple architectural elements which help the sustainability of the design. Long simple windows with sun shades, open tops of the walls for ventilation and a new designed floor. More…

Bholu 5

Completed February 2009

Bholu 5 is also a smaller school, which was extended and adapted to an exisiting site. Designed by architect Leeanne Marshall, the outdoor area and wash area was extended and improved, along with simple elements of ventilation, light and electricity. More…

Bholu 4

Completed February 2009

Bholu 4 is a smaller school, which was renovated on top of an exisiting site. Also being used as a community centre the long space works well. More…

Bholu 3

Completed January 2009

Bholu 3 was our most successful school yet. Designed by architect Leeanne Marshall, this Bholu is quite large and was built on land which was generously donated to us by a local resident. The design has a beautiful verandah space and outdoor wash area, all decorated by local artisans and the children themselves. More…

Bholu 2

Completed January 2008

Bholu 2 was the first school we did with AWF. Designed by architects Jane Rothschild and Paul Tilse, this anganwadi had a rocky start after we changed the location of the land, but the design adapted well to it’s new location. It houses 45 children and the inauguration was quite a festival. More…

Bholu 1

Completed January 2007

Our first school! It is extremely simple, but serves the purpose for what the original humpy was missing. Cool tiled floors, ventilation, electricity and a bathroom bring together all the elements needed for a clean and safe learning environment for the children. More…